Daniel Hubbard

Daniel Hubbard

Research Interests: labor economics, economics of education, development economics

Contact: danieldh@umich.edu

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Daniel Hubbard is a Ph.D. candidate in economics at the University of Michigan with a research focus in labor economics and the economics of education. His job-market paper is a study of the medium-term effects of attending a high-quality high school, looking specifically at the relationship between test-score value added and first-year college grades. His work concentrates on the empirical study of policy issues in education, including the transition between high school and college and the relationship between labor-market conditions and educational outcomes. Before beginning his Ph.D. program, Daniel received a bachelor's degree in economics and Spanish from the University of Michigan and worked as a research assistant at the Paul Milstein Center for Real Estate at Columbia Business School. Daniel will be graduating this year and will be available for interviews at APPAM in November and AEA in January.

Research Projects


  • "More Gains Than Score Gains? High School Quality and College Choice". Working paper.
    [Download the working paper (Adobe PDF)]
  • "The Impact of Local Labor Market Shocks on Education Outcomes: Evidence from Plant Closings in Michigan". Working paper.
    [Download the working paper (Adobe PDF)]
  • "What Makes Teachers Leave Their Jobs? An Analysis of Teacher Mobility in Michigan", with Kolby Gadd and Brian Jacob. Work in progress.