Expanding Access

College-going in China's poorest provinces

Xiaoyang Ye's research team in China

“Nothing great is easy,” Xiaoyang Ye’s research team in China.

Winner of a 2017 National Academy of Education / Spencer Dissertation Fellowship, Xiaoyang Ye researches informational interventions to improve student-college match under China’s centralized admissions system.

Evaluating Ed Practices

HAIL and the Go Blue Guarantee

Susan Dynarski

Photo credit: Mike Wood

Michelmore and Dynarski’s HAIL Scholarship research demonstrates the power of providing targeted information to high-achieving, low-income students and helps spur the launch of the Go Blue Guarantee.

Improving Outcomes

Laptops and learning: Sorting out the research

students in classroom

Photo credit: Peter Smith

Put down the laptop and pick up a pen. Dynarski stirred the technology debate, citing a growing body of research that points to less learning when students use laptops in the classroom.

Informing Policy

Help or harm? Advanced CTE pays off


Photo credit: Karl Fluch, used under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Kreisman and Stange analyze high school vocational courses, postsecondary attainment and labor market outcomes to shed light on whether CTE courses help or harm early careers.

Evaluating Progress

New paper on outcomes at for-profit charters


Photo credit: Neighborhood Centers Inc., used under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

New EPI research highlights positive effects at Michigan charter schools managed by the country's fourth largest for-profit charter network.

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