Expanding Access

Giving back to other first-generation students

Photo of Susan Dynarski

Dynarski shares her perspectives on the importance of expanding higher education access and attainment in a multi-media presentation produced by Michigan News.

Evaluating Ed Practices

K-8 school choice in Michigan

Photo of charters


In a new policy brief, Dynarski and Jacob analyze differences in key approaches between Michigan's traditional public and charter sectors, based on leadership surveys at 435 schools.

Improving Outcomes

Rethinking early childhood interventions

cradle to kindergarden

In a soon-to-be-released book, Cradle to Kindergarten: A New Plan to Combat Inequality, Weiland and co-authors outline a comprehensive blueprint of early-life interventions, from childcare to financial resources, designed to reduce social inequalities.

Informing Policy

Higher education productivity

Photo of building

Photo credit: Alan Chan, used under BC NC SA

Hoxby and Stange edit new NBER volume with introduction and papers by Ford School researchers on faculty deployment, tuition deregulation and instructor effectiveness.

Evaluating Progress

Michigan last in proficiency growth

Photo of charters

“How the U.S. Department of Education can foster education reform in the era of Trump and ESSA” Brookings Evidence Speaks - February 2, 2017

In a brief and several interviews, Brian Jacob provides a comparative analysis of Michigan’s education achievement as well as several factors that contribute to lack of progress.

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