Education Leadership

President-elect of the Association for Education Finance and Policy

Photo of Susan Dynarksi

During the organization's 41st conference in March, members of the Association for Education Finance and Policy voted to elect Susan Dynarski to serve as president-elect in 2017 and the 43rd president in 2018.

Ongoing Research

Are expectations alone enough? Estimating the effect of a mandatory college-prep curriculum

Photo of students at graduation ceremony

Photo credit: Jeremy Jenum, used under CC BY

New paper, policy brief and Michigan Radio podcast on the impact of the Michigan Merit Curriculum on educational outcomes, based on a six-year longitudinal study of the Michigan Consortium for Educational Research partnership.

Improving Practice

The power of teacher selection to improve education

Art piece of person in hallway

Photo credit: Thanasis Anastasiou, used under CC BY

Smart hiring processes can be less costly and more effective in raising teacher quality than many popular reforms, according to our brief and paper of the District of Columbia Public Schools teacher selection system.

Informing Policy

Tax incentives for education: Ineffective, expensive and regressive

Photo of building

Photo credit: Alan Chan, used under BC NC SA

In a new working paper, Dynarski and Scott-Clayton evaluate historic tax-based efforts to promote college enrollment vis-à-vis traditional student aid programs and offer guidance to improve outcomes.

Applying the Evidence

Why rush to hold kids back?

Photo of children

Photo credit: Herald Post, used under CC BY NC SA

House Bill 4822, which mandates third-grade retention, passed the Michigan legislature despite abundant research evidence against the policy. See op-ed and analysis by Brian Jacob.

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