Informing Policy

ICYMI: Bringing the Actual Science of Reading to Policy and Practice

panelists on a video event

During a recent EPI virtual panel event, four experts in early literacy discuss what the science of reading can mean for students, teachers, and in classrooms.

Expanding Evaluation

ICYMI: Early Education for Refugee Children Affected by Humanitarian Crisis


EPI recently hosted a talk by NYU's Dr. Hirokazu Yoshikawa, an expert in early childhood education. His recent work evaluates early childhood education programming for refugee children from Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, and Bangladesh.

In the News

Low-income students lose ground

front of school

Dynarski and co-authors, Chris Avery and Sarah Turner, find that first-time student enrollment in U.S. colleges dropped by 13% from fall 2019 to fall 2020. According to recent NSC data, declines for low-income students was even more dramatic. Their recent Science magazine article, authors call for an aggressive federal response.

Examining Progress

EPI Releases New Policy Brief

poster for MI IT symposium

Applications for Financial Aid Lagging Among Low-Income Students.

Relevent Data

EPI launches Michigan Education Data Center

students working

Researchers use MEDC data to answer the toughest questions facing educators, school leaders, parents, and policy makers in the state and nationwide.

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