Rigorous research

EPI faculty and predoctoral students will present their research this week at the Association for Education Finance and Policy's 49th Annual Conference.  A list of our presenters and papers being presented can be found here.  We hope to see you there!

EPI researchers are actively engaged in a variety of research projects, including evaluations of early literacy interventions, COVID-19 impacts on K-12, college readiness and success initiatives, and other education policies aimed at improving outcomes for children into adulthood.

EPI and Boston Public Schools members stand around a poster

Leveraging knowledge

Research partnerships

We have established formal research collaborations with a number of state and local education agencies—including in Florida, Massachusetts, Michigan, Texas, Tennessee, and Boston. We engage in partnerships with researchers at other leading universities as well.
Powerful data resources

Michigan Education Data Center (MEDC)

Operated by EPI, MEDC is a secure data clearinghouse that helps researchers use Michigan’s education data to uncover critical insights about children, schools, and educational interventions, ultimately improving outcomes for students. MEDC is part of the Michigan Education Research Institute (MERI), a groundbreaking partnership launched in 2018 between U-M, MSU, the Michigan Department of Education, and the Center for Educational Performance and Information.
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