Preparing to Succeed Study

January 2009 - January 2012


Preparing to Succeed was the first study for the Boston Early Childhood Research Practice Partnership and, in many ways, it kicked off our long-term partnership. The study examined the effects of the Boston Public Schools Pre-K program in 2008-2009, after BPS made evidence-based investments in the quality of the program. The study found Boston Pre-K program has some of the largest positive effects on kindergarten readiness of any Pre-K program in the country. Related publications are linked below.

Research Objectives

Preparing to Succeed was an IES-funded regression discontinuity study of the effects of BPS Pre-K on children’s school readiness, including their language, literacy, math, socio-emotional, and executive function skills.


The study took place from 2009-2012.

Impact of RPP

The study team worked closely with BPS coaches to collect curriculum fidelity data in Boston Pre-K classrooms and to develop a first version of the fidelity tool currently used in the program to improve teacher practice from Pre-K to second grade.  BPS staff also helped greatly with getting schools and teachers on board for what was the first large-scale study of the district’s program.


Institute of Education Sciences, US Department of Education