Causal Inference in Education Research Seminar (CIERS)

An interdisciplinary community of education policy researchers making critical contributions to society.
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The University of Michigan’s Causal Inference in Education Research Seminar (CIERS) brings together and supports an interdisciplinary community of scholars interested in education-related topics. Through a collaborative, interdisciplinary working/learning environment, CIERS prepares its members for careers in research and policy. Members present all stages of causal inference research that contribute to education policy and practice. Colleagues provide constructive feedback, acknowledging that what constitutes value is not the same for every participant.

As a community, we value research that contributes to ongoing academic, policy, and practice conversations and view the seminar as a classroom that prepares its members for careers in research and policy. We cultivate a welcome and inclusive space, informed by guiding principles rooted in respect, self-awareness, and intentionality.

We would like to thank the Rackham Graduate School for their generous support for CIERS.

I can't speak highly enough about CIERS and the opportunity it offers here at Michigan. I was welcomed into a community of people who, despite coming from lots of different disciplines and departments, all had not only a common methodological interest in causal inference but also a common substantive interest in improving student and teacher outcomes."

— Matthew Truwit, Predoctoral Fellow and Ph.D. Candidate, Quantitative Research Methods in Education

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CIERS seminar schedule

All seminars are held on Wednesday from 10-11:20am in-person in the 3rd Floor Seminar Room (Room 3240) in the Ford School of Public Policy and on Zoom. Please contact the coordinators ([email protected]) for Zoom details.
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Student coordinators

If you would like to present at a CIERS session, please contact Alvin Christian and Joshua Skiles ([email protected]).

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Predoctoral Research Fellow

Alvin Christian

Ford School of Public Policy | [email protected]
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Predoctoral Research Fellow

Joshua Skiles

Ford School of Public Policy | [email protected]
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