Training & programs

We are dedicated to training the next generation of education policy scholars. Our aim is to enhance the methodological expertise of students from a range of disciplines by providing them with a strong foundation in causal inference methods. Through collaborative work, students develop expertise in conducting cutting-edge research in education policy and evaluation.

Our faculty are preeminent education scholars and dedicated teachers. They study the impacts of early childhood programs, a range of curriculum and instructional models, higher education policies and programs, and much more. Learn more about our affiliated faculty.

Our alumni have gone on to make a lasting impact on education agencies and policies through careers in higher education and research partnerships with different education systems, such as the Tennessee Department of Education, Iowa College Student Aid Commission, Los Angeles Unified School District, and Boston Public Schools.

Kathy Michelmore teaching a class

Courses of interest

We teach advanced econometrics, program evaluation, and education policy courses.
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The EPI community and seminar series offered me an invaluable opportunity to present my research and receive comments from students and faculty when the work was still in a preliminary stage. This is rarely done in other seminars or research venues, but is very important if we want our research to be valuable to policy makers and practitioners.

— Joshua Hyman, assistant professor in the department of economics at Amherst College

Interdisciplinary Training

Predoctoral fellowship program

Formal coursework in quantitative methods contextualized in education. Research apprenticeships train students to apply these concepts under the supervision of core faculty and in partnership with education leaders. Students also gain experience presenting their work in a seminar setting research workshop and meet eminent education scholars in EPI’s research colloquium.
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Faculty Mentoring

Postdoctoral fellowship program

A two-year research fellowship for recent PhD graduates to build experience using causal inference methods and important research collaborations. Fellows receive close mentorship from EPI faculty, and have the opportunity to work with cross-disciplinary faculty across U-M.
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