Professional Development in the Time of COVID-19: Evidence and Insights from Early Educators in the Boston Public Schools

April 2023
Christina Weiland, Meghan McCormick, Tiffany Wu, Cullen MacDowell, Paola Guerrero-Rosada, Anne Taylor, Catherine Snow, Jason Sachs

This brief is part of a larger body of research examining the Boston Universal Pre-K (UPK) expansion and the Expanding Children’s Early Learning (ExCEL) P-3 Project focused on sustaining children’s early learning gains. As we navigate the repercussions of the ongoing pandemic, there is a growing need to understand how districts can better support early educators in their classrooms. Using survey data from Pre-K and third grade teachers in the Boston Public Schools, we provide a descriptive analysis of the professional development supports early educators received from the district in spring 2021. Our findings offer lessons for districts on how investments in professional development supports can strengthen early learning instruction.