Tiffany Wu

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Tiffany Wu

Predoctoral Research Fellow
Tiffany Wu is a doctoral student in the Combined Program in Education and Psychology (CPEP) at the University of Michigan and is pursuing a dual Master’s degree in Statistics. She is interested in exploring the role of executive functioning and…

EPI brief looks at "Pre-k boost"

Jan 31, 2023
Children who attend a prekindergarten (Pre-K) program generally score higher on academic, social-emotional, and cognitive assessments at the start of kindergarten than children who do not. However, Pre-K nonattenders typically catch up to Pre-K...
Boston Early Childhood Research Practice Partnership

Impacts of the Boston Pre-K Program Through Early Adulthood Study

July 2022
Christina Weiland, Rebecca Unterman, Anna Shapiro, Tiffany Wu, Anne Taylor, Thomas Staines, William Corin
The Boston Early Adulthood study is the second phase of an ongoing study, which follows 12,740 children who applied to the Boston Pre-K program between 2007 and 2011. The Boston Pre-K program is somewhat unique in the national landscape as it uses evidence- and play-based language, literacy, and math-focused curriculum, pays teachers on the same scale as their K-12 peers, provides coaching supports to teachers, and is open to children in Boston, regardless of family characteristics.  The first students to experience the program are just reaching early adulthood, allowing our team to estimate...